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 For the safety of our youth  all volunteers, coaches, assistant coaches, and MYSA board members are required to have a current background check completed for the year in which they are volunteering. 
 Background checks are mandatory; there are no exceptions.

Baseball/Softball Coaches

Background checks for baseball and softball coaches must be completed through Babe Ruth/Sports Engine. Following the background check, you will need to complete an abuse training course. Once completed our league admin will be able to check whether you are cleared or not, and whether or not you have completed the abuse course. Click on the link below to get started. You will need to create an account and select the Southeast Region, and then scroll down and select Melrose Youth Sports Association from the list of leagues. It is $25.50 to complete. 


Click here to complete Babe Ruth background check/abuse training

Basketball Coaches

The background check for basketball coaches is done through Protect Youth Sports with Verity. Following completion of the background check, only the MYSA President will have access to the results, and only a sees pass or fail notification. No one will have access to or a copy of the full report. All information input is done through a secure site to protect your privacy. The cost is $19.95 to complete.


Click here to complete the basketball background check